Tuesday, June 2, 2009


I guess to say that summer is going to be busy would be an understatement. As I look to the month of June, there basically is no breaks. We are into full swing baseball season, and Jordan is having a blast. I am very thankful for the coaches that he has this year. They are definitely stressing the importance of respect and sportsmanship throughout the game in addition to really working on their individual skills.

We had our second game last night, in Viborg. They played the team of Hurley and Jordan got to see some of the kids he played Football with last fall. It was fun to see some of those parents too!

They are playing two innings, with everyone having a chance to hit each inning, with his grade playing all together. Jordan had a single and a double, and scored a run both times. Both hits were out of the infield, and he was VERY excited! He got to play catcher the first inning, which is one of his favorite positions to play. In spite of some equipment malfunctions (the elastic was broken on the catcher's helmet so it kept falling over his eyes), he did very well. The second inning, they put him in left field. Before we went to the game, he was really hoping to play a "base" (and catcher was his first choice). When he went to the left field for the second inning, you could see a little disappointment that he was in the outfield. BUT, he got a pop fly and also got the runner at second base out because he didn't wait to see if the ball would be caught and was part of a double play. BONUS! Not only was he part of the double play, but he realized how EVERY position on the team is an important one. Good life's lesson for all of us!

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